Take the 2014 Who Went Where? Survey. Deadline is May 31st.

Doctoral candidates and graduates in the marketing discipline who were on the job market during the AMA 2013 Summer Marketing Educators Conference are requested to fill out the Annual AMA DocSIG Who Went Where? Survey

This survey is for all recently hired doctoral candidates and graduates. For more than ten years, this survey has provided marketing doctoral programs and students with a snapshot of the job market. The results from this survey will be presented at the American Marketing Association 2014 Summer Marketing Educators Conference.

Responses are confidential and results are reported in aggregate. Sharing your name and placement with us is left to your discretion and is not required to complete the survey. Please click on the following link by May 31, 2014 to participate:


Thank you in advance for your participation. Questions about the Who Went Where? survey can be directed to Hillary Mellema, Vice-Chair of Research, DocSIG at hmellema@kent.edu, or Paul Mills, Assistant Vice Chair of Research at pmills7@kent.edu

Previous years’ reports can be found at www.docsig.org.  

Best Regards,

Hillary Mellema and Paul Mills