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Current Doctoral students might find these links helpful:

  • The DocSIG Facebook Page, here. We post about a variety of things, including our upcoming events, new awards/grants you should apply for, and even interviews from top professors in a variety of specialties.
  • The DocSIG Twitter Page, here. If you prefer Twitter over Facebook, be sure and check here. We post the same content as Facebook, to be sure and keep all our members up-to-date with the latest information!
  • The American Marketing Association site, here. Which includes links to the AMA Journals (some of our top research journals), and future conference information.
  • Keep up with the Academic Marketing Community through ELMAR, here. (All students should register for ELMAR updates. It’s free and helps you keep up with the great things going on in our community!)

New or Future Doctoral students might find these links helpful:

  • Blog Post By Broderick Turner at Kellogg, here.
  • A great article from, here.