JMR Scholarly Insights (SI)

JMR Scholarly Insights by AMA DocSIG is looking for doctoral students to contribute to our blog posts. We are working to create an expanding pool of doctoral student contributors for future issues of JMR Scholarly Insights. This initiative has been very well received by the academic community and we hope that doctoral students will become an active part of this exciting project!

JMR Scholarly Insights is a blog series that involves doctoral students developing questions and interviewing the authors of recent JMR articles to highlight the uniqueness and contribution of each article and provide interesting and insightful discussions.

What are the benefits for being a contributor to JMR Scholarly Insights by DocSIG?

There are many benefits to contributing to Scholarly Insights! Aside from being a fantastic line item on your CV, consider that:

  • Your name will be featured on AMA’s official website
  • Great opportunity to interact with top marketing scholars from around the world
  • Great opportunity to network with fellow marketing doctoral students from around the world
  • Your name will be tagged on JMR’s LinkedIn page alongside the authors of the JMR article you worked with. (Note: the “comment” section of these JMR LinkedIn posts is also a great opportunity to interact with fellow marketing scholars!)
  • Provides you with intimate “ground level” exposure to some of the latest cutting-edge research published in one of academia’s most prestigious marketing journals
  • Helps you brand yourself as a formidable researcher by increasing your visibility to future hiring universities

How do I get involved with JMR Scholarly Insights by DocSIG?

Please reach out to Sameed B. Khan, or Daria Koksal,  our current DocSIG officers of JMR Scholarly Insights, who are always at hand for any help or clarification that you might need!. (Note: If you would like to see examples of previous blog posts, click HERE)