JMR Scholarly Insights (SI)

JMR Scholarly Insights by AMA DocSIG is a blog series that involves doctoral students delving into some of the most recent Journal of Marketing Research articles in order to develop insightful questions for interviews with the authors of these articles. The focus of these questions is to highlight the uniqueness and contributions of each article, thus allowing for interesting and insightful discussions. This is a wonderful opportunity that allows students to connect with faculty who are publishing in one of the world’s most prestigious marketing journals.

Students who participate in Scholarly Insights by AMA DocSIG will work in pairs to develop a blog post covering a recent Journal of Marketing Research article. Participants will choose an article of interest to them from the available set and review it to devise a list of six questions (three from each participant) that they will then ask the article’s authors in order to provide additional insights. Once the author’s responses have been collected, the participants will correspond with the Vice Chairs of Scholarly Insights (Benjamin Britton and Brandon Holle) where their work will be finalized into blog posts that are then posted on via the Journal of Marketing Research main page HERE, with corresponding posts on JMR’s LinkedIn page, recognizing the article and blog post authors.

What are the benefits for being a contributor to JMR Scholarly Insights by DocSIG?

There are many benefits to contributing to Scholarly Insights! Aside from being a fantastic line item on your CV, consider that:

  • Your name will be featured on AMA’s official website
  • Great opportunity to interact with top marketing scholars from around the world
  • Great opportunity to network with fellow marketing doctoral students from around the world
  • Your name will be tagged on JMR’s LinkedIn page alongside the authors of the JMR article you worked with. (Note: the “comment” section of these JMR LinkedIn posts is also a great opportunity to interact with fellow marketing scholars!)
  • Provides you with intimate “ground level” exposure to some of the latest cutting-edge research published in one of academia’s most prestigious marketing journals
  • Helps you brand yourself as a formidable researcher by increasing your visibility to future hiring universities

How do I get involved with JMR Scholarly Insights by DocSIG?

Please reach out to Brandon Holle ( and/or Benjamin Britton ( via email expressing your interest in becoming a contributor and additional information about this process will be provided to you. (Note: If you would like to see examples of previous blog posts, click HERE)

We thank you for your interest and look forward to hearing from ambitious scholars such as yourselves!


Benjamin and Brandon-