Research Productivity

Doctoral Students SIG tracks publications in the premier marketing journals, according to authorship and university affiliation, and publishes Top 50 Lists on an annual basis.

Through these lists, we hope to: (1) acknowledge the top individual and school contributors to the premier marketing journals (i.e., Journal of Consumer ResearchJournal of MarketingJournal of Marketing Research, and Marketing Science) in the previous ten years and (2) provide prospective doctoral students with useful information during their application decision process.

Author Productivity | Premier Journals
Author Productivity | Premier AMA Journals
University Productivity | Premier Journals
University Productivity | Premier AMA Journals

Please share these lists with other members of our academic community and those wishing to join us as incoming doctoral students. Also, please email Praveen Punia,, or Wenjie Zhu,, if you spot an error or have any suggestions for improvement.

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