AMA DocSIG Webinar Series

If you missed a webinar, or want to rewatch one – check out the YouTube links below.

Job Market with Dr. Shankha Basu

Dr. Shankha Basu, Lecturer in Marketing at Leeds University Business School, shares his insights, tips and tricks for doctoral students who are unfamiliar with the American or British Academic Job markets.

Brand Yourself with Dr. Aulona Ulqinaku

Dr. Aulona Ulqinaku, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Leeds University Business School shares her perspective on how to brand yourself and position your job market papers and studies when applying for jobs within the USA and UK academic markets. The virtual synchronous session was conducted at 2pm CST (8pm UK time) on 10th February 2021. Specifically, the webinar session was designed to coach you through the best ways to present yourself and highlight your work.