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Mathew Joseph Award and WWW Survey!

We are currently accepting nominees for the 2018 Mathew Joseph Award! Nominations are due Sunday, April 29th. See this DocSIG website page for more information:   Good luck to all nominees!

Our Who Went Where Survey is now active! If you were on the 2017 job market, please take the time to fill out this very important survey. The information gathered helps present students understand what to expect during their job market and helps academicians and AMA know the current market trends. See this DocSIG website page for more information:



Thank You for a Successful 2018 Winter AMA!

The 2018 Winter AMA conference DocSIG events were a success! Thank you to everyone that was able to attend!

A special thanks to the professors that attended and networked with the students! To name a few: Mark Houston, TCU; V. Kumar, GSU; Jag Sheth, Emory; BIll Locander, Loyola; Kersi Antia, Western University; Hui Feng, Iowa State; Jeff Inman, University of Pittsburgh; Aditya Gupta, Iowa State; Maura Scott, Florida State; Ju-Yeon Lee, Iowa State; Sterling Bone, Utah State and so many more. It is thanks to the generosity of your time that make our events a success!

Also, thank you to the Teaching and Learning SIG for teaming up with DocSIG for the Saturday evening reception. We had a great group of students attend from all over the world!

We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 Summer AMA in Boston!

Chair – Ashley Goreczny

Chair-Elect – Verónica Martín Ruiz