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Doc Student Teaching Consortium Application Deadline May 23, 2014

Doctoral candidates and graduates in the marketing discipline who were on the job market during the AMA 2013 Summer Marketing Educators Conference are requested to fill out the Annual AMA DocSIG Who Went Where Survey.

This survey is for all recently hired doctoral candidates and graduates. For more than ten years, this survey has provided marketing doctoral programs and students with a snapshot of the job market. The results from this survey will be presented at DocSIG’s “Changing The Changing Landscape of the Marketing Academic Job Market” special session, Saturday, August 2, 3:45-5:15 PM at American Marketing Association 2014 Summer Marketing Educators Conference.

Responses are confidential and results are reported in aggregate. Sharing your name and placement with us is left to your discretion and is not required to complete the survey. Please click on the following link by May 31, 2014 to participate:

Thank you in advance for your participation. Questions about the Who Went Where? survey can be directed to Hillary Mellema, Vice-Chair of Research, DocSIG at, or Paul Mills, Assistant Vice Chair of Research at

Previous years’ reports can be found at

CBSIG Call for Papers

The CBSIG seeks 500-word abstracts for their “Social and Cultural Values in a Global and Digital Age” pre-conference event at Summer AMA 2014. 500-word abstracts are due by April 30, 2014 to either of the event co-chairs: Lynn R. Kahle, Ehrman Guistina Professor of Marketing, University of Oregon,, or Eda Gurel-Atay, Assistant Professor, University of Puget Sound,

More details are available here: AMA CBSIG Pre-Conference Event_Call for Papers .

Webcast Alert – Marketing Faculty Job Search: Navigating and Mastering the Interview Process

No one likes going on the academic job market, the job search and interviewing process can seem overwhelming and stressful.  In this upcoming webcast, Associate Professor, David Hardisty (University of British Columbia) gives you the information needed to ease your way through the process and give you a sense of what will make you a standout to search committees.

Learnings from this webcast will be:

  • What to expect; how the interview process works
  • Selling yourself in an interview
  • Your on campus visit
  • Negotiating a job offer