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AMS Review Announces the Sheth Foundation 2021 Annual Doctoral Competition for Conceptual Articles – Click here for more info!

The results of the 2020 Who Went Where Survey are out – Find more details here.

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2019-2020 AMA DocSIG Spotlight Series Applications announced – click here for details!

AMA DocSIG is now inviting applications for 3 officer positions for the year 2020-2021!

The Doctoral Student SIG (DocSIG) is a special interest group of the American Marketing Association designed specifically for marketing doctoral students. We aim to offer useful information that can aid students in their study program, and strive to facilitate long-term professional relationships. We are looking for enthusiastic, proactive, and dedicated doctoral students who can join our team in the following positions: the Assistant Vice Chair of Online Engagement, the Vice Chair Special Projects and Partnerships, and the Vice Chair of Scholarly Insights. Here are a few details about these open positions:

The Assistant Vice Chair of Online Engagement will work with the VC of Online Engagement on the official AMA DocSIG website and social media accounts. This position will require a time commitment of no more than 2-3 hours per month, with peaks before Winter/Summer AMA conferences and when officer rotations happen.

The Vice Chair Special Projects and Partnerships will work with the Chair and Chair-Elect to ensure that all AMA DocSIG events at Winter/Summer AMA conferences are well coordinated and work toward strengthening relationships with other AMA SIGs. This officer will also be in charge of creating the monthly Student Spotlight posts.

The Vice Chair of Scholarly Insights will head up AMA DocSIG’s new initiative with the Journal of Marketing Research – “Journal of Marketing Research | Scholarly Insights by AMA DocSIG”. This officer will be in charge of coordinating the process of developing the Scholarly Insights, every two months. We have blog posts live on ama.org via the Journal of Marketing Research main page at ama.org/jmr, with corresponding posts on JMR’s LinkedIn page. Given the responsibilities of this officer position, we are looking for a doctoral student with excellent written communication skills and good attention to detail. So, will require all doctoral students interested in this officer position to include a short writing sample on the following topic: “What are the three key lessons you have learned in the course of your Ph.D. journey, that you believe every prospective doctoral student should know?”

Interested doctoral students may email the AMA DocSIG Chair, Divya Ramachandran, at dramachandran1@gsu.edu with a short bio about themselves and indicate the officer position of their interest. In case of applications to the Vice Chair of Scholarly Insights position, please include a writing sample on the above mentioned topic. Questions about AMA DocSIG or the open positions may also be emailed to Divya.

Resources for Transitioning Marketing Courses Online

Dear friends and colleagues, 

To help our marketing community in transitioning to online courses, DocSIG is sharing access to a compilation of resources from various sources. You can find information on a variety of topics including: 

-“Free internet access” resources for students so that they can stay connected
-How to keep students motivated in online coursesInstructors’ resources and software recommendations for video conferencing, screen capture, etc.
-Basic video guides on how to use “zoom” as participant and organizer
-Using Youtube for teaching

…and much more.  

Please feel free to add your own resources to this folder and share them with other marketing academics (e.g. class assignments, guides on using software, and video lectures). This link is set up as an open community platform and anyone with the link can access or edit it. So please only add resources you are willing to share with other marketing academics. 

Our honorable community will respect your creative rights and will use the shared resources as inspiration only, unless you specify that others have permission to use it. 

We greatly appreciate the effort of those who have contributed thus far and ask others to share their knowledge, material, and experience to ease our transition to online classes. We’re hoping that our marketing community will come together to help everyone redesign assignments, adjust courses, record video lectures, etc. during this challenging time.  

Thank you for your efforts and helping us keep our academic goals intact and our community together!  

Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yhVioLPH9xVpf_5dLZA93vL3rSWNhZFT?usp=sharing

Please help in spreading these resources to all marketing academics and instructors by sharing this email with your department and colleagues. Thank you!

And don’t forget to check out our social media accounts!

AMA DocSIG is the American Marketing Association’s special interest group for marketing doctoral students.

We provide opportunities in which marketing PhD students develop professional skills in the areas of research, writing, teaching, presenting, reviewing, and other areas that aid in job placement and career development.

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