2020-2021 AMA DocSIG Spotlight Series

Elvira Kizilova is currently a 5th-year Marketing Ph.D. Candidate at Chambers College of Business and Economics at West Virginia University (expected graduation August 2021). Her research interests include consumer behavior, public policy, and tourism marketing.

Elvira’s research on consumer perceived access to health services was published in a special issue of the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.

She presented her research at several major conferences, such as Winter AMA, MPPC, and SMA. In 2017, she was a Runner Up in “Best Doctoral Student Research” Competition at Society for Marketing Advances conference. She also was selected to represent WVU at 2020 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Doctoral Consortium and received fellowship at Marketing and Public Policy Conference Doctoral Workshops in 2019 and 2020.

Prior to entering the PhD program, Elvira worked for Ukrainian regional government and for several technical assistance programs, such as USAID LINK, USAID BIZPRO, and EU Project “Crimean Tourism Diversification and Support.” In the Fall 2021, Elvira will be joining Dominican University as an Assistant Professor of Marketing.

Swapnil Saravade is currently a fifth-year doctoral candidate in the Robert C. Vackar College of Business & Entrepreneurship at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV). His research interests are in digital marketing and retail strategies.

Swapnil’s published works include “From Solidity to Liquidity: Macro-level Consumption Patterns in the Sharing Economy” published in the Journal of Macromarketing (2020), and “Sight unseen: The role of online security indicators in visual attention to online privacy information” published in the Journal of Business Research (2020). Last year, Swapnil was awarded the Ph.D. Student Research Excellence Award from the Department of Marketing and the Dean’s award for the Best Doctoral Student in the Ph.D. Business Administration program at UTRGV.

Swapnil has presented at several major conferences such as the 2018 Summer AMA Academic Conference held in Boston, MA, the 2018 Association for Consumer Research (ACR) conference held in Dallas, TX, and the 2018 Society of Marketing Advances (SMA) conference held in West Palm Beach, FL. Swapnil has been a reviewer for conferences such as the AMS and the SMA conferences. Before joining the doctoral program at UTRGV, Swapnil completed the Master of Marketing Research (MMR) from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Ashley is currently a third-year PhD candidate at Texas Tech University. Ashley’s recent work with coauthors Shelby Hunt and K.T. Manis titled, “The Five Stages of the Macromarketing Field of Study: From Raison D’etre to Field of Significant Promise” was published in the Journal of Macromarketing. Her other works have been published in journals such as Marketing Education Review and Young Consumers.

Ashley has also presented her research at several major conferences including the AMS, AMA ACR, and SMA in which one of her presentations won the Sharon Beatty Best Paper in Services Marketing award. Ashley has received several grants including one from the Marketing Science Institute (MSI). Honors and awards bestowed upon Ashley include the AMA Sheth Doctoral Consortium Fellow 2021 and SMA Doctoral Consortium Fellow 2020.

Ashley has also shown strong evidence of service to the field. She has served on AMA’s DocSIG as the Vice Chair of Online this year and in the previous year served as the Assistant Vice Chair of Online Engagement.
Ashley’s accomplishments and accolades have earned her this recognition as our February Student Spotlight! Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the field, Ashley!

Spotlight on Avishek Lahiri

Avishek Lahiri is currently a sixth-year doctoral candidate in the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. His research interests include the sharing economy, technology’s impact on marketing employees, and stakeholder engagement.

Avishek’s published works include “Engaging Customers in the App World through Smart Analytics” in the Journal of World Marketing Summit (2016) and “A Strategic Framework for a Profitable Business Model in the Sharing Economy” in the Industrial Marketing Management Journal (2018). Avishek has received numerous awards and honors. Most recently, he was given the honor of fellowship at the third Marketing Strategy Consortium held virtually and the eighth AIM-AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium held in India during 2020.

Avishek has also presented at several major conferences including the 2020 Winter AMA Academics Conference held in San Diego, California with his work “Freelancers’ Engagement on Sharing Economy Labor Platform” and the 2019 Annual ISMS Marketing Science Conference in Rome, Italy with his work “Effect of Categorization of Organizational Reputation on Subordinate Organization’s Funding Outcome: A Higher Education Perspective” among many other presentations.

In addition to his contributions to the field, Avishek has displayed many acts of service, including reviewing for the Journal of Business Research, the AMA Summer Academic Conference, and the AMA Global Marketing SIG. He has also served as a volunteer and member of the American Marketing Association. Before pursuing his doctoral degree, Avishek served as an account executive for a digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, India. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the field, Avishek!

Spotlight on Nuket Serin

Nuket is currently a fourth-year PhD candidate at Florida International University. Her main research focuses on consumer wellbeing & choice behavior. Nuket’s recent work on the role of culture and message framing on Hispanics’ healthful choices has been published in the Journal of Advertising. Nuket has received various awards and grants and has also presented her research at several major conferences.

She also attended several workshops and has been invited as a guest speaker on multiple occasions. Before she began studying in the US, she was working as a research assistant in the Management Information System department in Turkey.

She has been a reviewer for several major conferences and served as a session chair. She was also chosen to serve FIU as a board member for the Business Doctoral Students Association during the 2020–2021 term. Additionally, she was also chosen to be a Vice Chair of Content Management for AMA DocSIG for the 2021-2021 term. Congratulations on all of your achievements, Nuket! Thank you for your dedication to the field!

Spotlight on Divya Ramachandran

Divya is a fourth-year doctoral candidate in marketing strategy at Georgia State University. Her research interests include the new-age technology – marketing interface, digital media, customer experience, and customer engagement. Divya has published her research in several academic outlets since starting her doctoral program. Her two primary works, “Influence of New-Age Technologies on Marketing: A Research Agenda” and “Developing firms’ growth approaches as a multidimensional decision to enhance key stakeholders’ wellbeing,” were published in the Journal of Business Research and the International Journal of Research in Marketing, respectively. Additionally, her research, “Influence of Technology and Data on Customized Marketing Strategy,” was published in The Handbook of Advances in Marketing in an Era of Disruptions.

Before joining the doctoral program, Divya served as a marketing research professional across India and the United States. Rounding out her impressive resume, Divya was a Fellow at the AIM-AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium in 2019 and has recently been honored with the post of the AMA DocSIG Chair for the 2020-2021 academic year! Congratulations on all of your success, Divya! Keep up the great work!

Spotlight on Ellen Campos Sousa

Ellen is a fourth-year marketing doctoral candidate at Florida International University. Ellen focuses her research on consumer well-being and has presented at several conferences as a doctoral student. In 2019, Ellen presented at both the Association of Marketing Theory and Practice Conference and the Graduate Student Appreciation Week at Florida International University. She won both the Top Student Paper Award and Best Poster Presentation Award, respectfully. In 2020 Ellen plans to present her research at four conferences, including the Academy of Marketing Science and the Academy of International Business Annual Conferences.

Ellen has received several grants from the Center for International Business Education and Research, and the Graduate and Professional Student Committee. Her studies have also created some media attention, where Ellen was the spotlight in AMA ServSIG Insights: The Theory of Mindfulness, and three Portuguese media coverages, all detailing mindfulness both inside and out of the office during a pandemic.

These accolades have earned Ellen the Outstanding Student Life Service Award at Florida International University in 2020. Congratulations on all of your success, Ellen!

These accolades have earned Ellen the Outstanding Student Life Service Award at Florida International University in 2020. Congratulations on all of your success, Ellen!

Spotlight on Jennifer Tatara

Jennifer is a 4th year doctoral candidate at the University of Memphis. Her research titled “An Eye Tracking Study of Attention to Brand-Related Content and Recall of Taboo Advertising” was published in the Journal of Business Research and focuses on using biometric tools in the Customer Neuro-Insights Research Lab (C-NRL) at U of M.

Jennifer has presented her research at various conferences (e.g., AMA, SMA, GSSI) and was awarded competitive travel grants from the Institute for Intelligent Systems and Graduate Student Association. Her research earned 1st place at the 2019 and 2020 U of M Student Research Forums. Jennifer was also invited to speak at a workshop hosted by Tobii, an eye-tracking equipment manufacturer, and served as a session panelist on biometric sales research at the GSSI conference. Jennifer also authored one of the new JMR Scholarly Insights by AMA DocSIG blog posts titled “Bit by Bit, Step by Step: Why and When Consumers Need to See It to Believe It in Change Advertisements,” which was published on AMA’s website. Keep up the great work Jennifer!

Spotlight on Karen Wallach

Karen is a 4th year doctoral candidate at Emory University (expected graduation – 2021). Her research focuses on the intersection of branding and corporate social responsibility. Specifically, Karen’s research seeks to understand consumer perceptions of sustainability initiatives, the role of product centrality in creating sustainable brands, and the importance of corporate social responsibility on society at large.

Karen has presented her research at the Association of Consumer Research, the Society of Consumer Psychologists, the Atlantic Marketing Association, and was selected to present at the Academy of Marketing Science Conference. Karen has been recognized as a Marketing Strategy Consortium Scholar, an AMA-Sheth Doctoral Consortium Fellow, and a Goizueta Doctoral Fellow. She has received various grants including the Sheth Fellowship and the Laney Research Grant.

Prior to joining the Ph.D. program, Karen’s practitioner work included roles at Diageo, Kimberly-Clark, Carnival Cruise Lines, and M&M Mars Inc. Keep up the great work, Karen!

Spotlight on Kelley Anderson

Kelley is a 4th-year doctoral candidate at Texas Tech University (expected graduation: 2021), whose research focuses on virtual reality technology and the role of technology in creating value and new markets.

Kelley’s research titled “Influence of Hedonic and Utilitarian Motivations on Retailer Loyalty and Purchase Intention: A Facebook Perspective” is published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, and her dissertation essay titled “The Role of Technology in Value Creation: An Actor-Network Perspective” won the 2019 Franco Nicosia ACR Competitive Paper award. Kelley also has several works-in-progress and will be presenting papers at the 2020 Summer AMA and AMS conferences.

Recently, Kelley has been recognized as the recipient of the 2020 Rawls COB Marketing Doctoral Student Excellence in Research Award and has also been awarded several research grants including the James R. Webb ARES Foundation Travel Grant and the Matterport Research Grant. Congratulations on your accomplishments, Kelley! Keep up the great work!

Spotlight on Amela Dizdarevic

Amela Dizdarevic is a 3rd-year doctoral student at Aston University in Birmingham, UK. Her research focuses on the advantages of digital resources in retail marketing and shaping the future of the shopping experience using technology. Amela has presented papers at nine global conferences, including one at the 10th Theory + Practice in Marketing Conference in collaboration with a JM special issue on New Technologies and Marketing. Additionally, Amela has authored a book chapter titled, “Technological Diversification in Retail Agglomerations: Case Studies Alongside the Digital Marketing Mix” and published an article in Marketing Review titled, “Elevating Shopping Experiences Through Digital Technologies: The Case of Retail Agglomerations.”

Amela has received seven awards, including a doctoral grant from the Foundation of German Business, the Best Development Paper Award at the 2019 Marketing and Retail SIG Awards [British Academy of Management Annual Conference (BAM)], and the Best Poster Award at the 2017 BAM Doctoral Symposium. Congratulations Amela! Keep up the great work!