The Academic Contribution Explained

From start to finish, conceptualizing, constructing, and submitting academic research is a challenging progression that all academics experience in the publication process. In this session at the 2020 Winter AMA Conference, we discussed the three phases of the manuscript creation process.

  1. Where do good research ideas from? How do I know it’s a good idea when I see it?
  2. When constructing the manuscript, how do I articulate the contribution to knowledge?
  3. After submitting the manuscript for review, how do I properly address the editor and the reviewers?

To see the transcript and all of the great insights we learned from this session please click here!

We are thankful to the panelists who allowed us to transcribe this session for further dissemination to doctoral students who could not attend our session at the 2020 Winter AMA Conference.

Special Session Panelists on the Academic Contribution Explained. 2020 Winter AMA. Pictured left to right: Dr. David Stewart, Dr. Christine Moorman, Dr. V. Kumar, Breanne Mertz, Dr. Daniel Ladik, & Dr. William B. Locander.